Anita Watts Fine Bronze Sculpture

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All sculptures on this website are for sale. Each bronze sculpture is an Original Limited Edition created by Anita Watts.

Anita accepts sculpture commissions from individuals, municipalities, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Contact Anita for individual prices and for estimates on bronze sculpture commissions.

Virginia Fogg of Cleveland, Ohio, decided that she wanted a life-sized sculpture of her granddaughter, Marissa. Marissa is a beautiful young lady of five years of age, with dark hair and big dark eyes and a very sweet personality. After considering many poses from blowing bubbles to holding a favorite doll, we decided on Marissa holding a basket that may later contain a plant or a favorite stuffed toy. You can see other photos of this sculpture elsewhere on this website, but here is a photo of the real Marissa holding hands with the clay Marissa about 60 days before completion.

Click here to view the completed bronze sculpture of "Marissa".

Sculpture Commissions

The majority of my work is done on commission as bronze portraits of people and animals. I enjoy working with clients and watch for the way they connect and interact with others. I also enjoy sculpting all kinds of animals doing things with people, young and old. My intent is to capture that special look that identifies the unique personality of my subject. I am always in pursuit of excellence, combining my artistic vision with an infinite love for people and animals, and transforming that into bronze sculpture."